EP Power Minerals CZ, a.s. (EPPM CZ) is a subsidiary of EP Power Minerals GmbH, Germany (EPPM DE), a global leader in energy by-products, abrasives, waste, recycling and reclamation. Both companies are part of Energetický a průmyslový holding, a.s. (EPH).

EPPM CZ trades in energy by-products and related commodities from individual heating companies in the EPH Group (Plzeňská teplárenská, a.s., Elektrárny Opatovice a.s. and United Energy, a.s.). It is also engaged in comprehensive business activities such as buying and selling in the market plus transport and dispatching services.

EPPM CZ sells fly ash, energy gypsum, slag and granulates. These products are certified as construction materials and meet all technical, ecological and health criteria according to the applicable law. All these commodities are transported by road and rail by EPH's own transport companies.

EP Resources discontinued its energy by-products business and currently trades in steam coal, graded coal and lignite dus



Energy by-products are formed in the production of electricity and heat after solid fuel combustion or during flue gas desulfurization. We also provide the transport of these materials by road and rail.


  • Fly ash (from conventional or fluidized bed boilers)
  • Slag, clinker, bottom ash
  • Energy gypsum
  • Granulated and stabilized mixtures
  • CalSulf agricultural fertilizer
  • Hydraulic binders
  • Soil stabilization and solidification


Fly ash is used to produce concrete, aerated concrete, bricks, cement, dry plaster and mortar mixtures, artificial aggregates and ceramics.

Slag is used to construct road embankments, backfill road support structures, fill and backfill utility network linear structures (water, sewage and gas pipelines) and also as base sand in manufacturing fired bricks.

Energy gypsum is commonly used in the production of plasterboard and plaster, in cement production as a setting time regulator and activator of the hardening process of aerated concrete, and in the production of plaster mixes.

Granulated and stabilized mixtures are certified compounds of energy by-products and binders. They are mainly used to reinforce the subgrade in the construction of roads and other linear structures and dams, terrain modelling, land reclamation, etc.

CalSulf agricultural fertilizer is used for the basic sulphur and calcium fertilization of agricultural crops in all soil and climatic conditions. It can be particularly recommended for fertilizing oilseed crops (winter rapeseed, sunflower, poppy, mustard, etc.), sulphur-demanding plants, cereals, clover crops, and for fertilizing vegetables, especially brassicas.



Shale is used in its original condition or sorted into different fractions as balancing bedding material for the construction of roads, buildings and embankments, and for filling and backfilling. In its original state, extracted shale contains fine-grained loamy sandy soil.

Water-cooled ground granulated blast-furnace slag, air-cooled activated slag cement, steel slag
These are products and additives for cement and concrete production.


Our company sells dry and moistened energy by-products suitable for land reclamation in selected locations both in the Czech Republic and in the EU (according to REACH). Descriptions and certificates for individual energy by-products are available upon request. Within the EPH Group, we can recommend case studies on energy by-products in Germany, UK, Italy, France and Slovakia, where EPH operates.